Half Hour Music Hour – Ep. 40 – Made It to Katroo Now Where is That Bird.

by chris on February 25th, 2010

While it is hard to believe, just about 2 years ago the world got its first look at what would soon become the premier podcast for new music known to human kind, The Half Hour Music Hour (yeah right). But seriously, it has been a great run so far as we look back on the show. With all of your help we have increased our listenership of 10 times since the Episode 1 and we have enjoyed every minute of bringing the show to you and all we can say is, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

For our 2nd Anniversary episode we figured we do what we do best, bring you 16 get tracks of music (sorry for the long runtime this time) with new music from big bands you all know like Vampire Weekend, Spoon, Animal Collective and Yeasayer but we also have a bunch of great stuff from some more obscure bands like The Berndt and Givers.

Thanks again for all of your support and please enjoy the show.


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Episode #40 Playlist:
1. Vampire Weekend
2. Julian Casablancas
“Left & Right In The Dark”
3. The Berndt
“Hurried Feathers”
4. Yeasayer
“Ambling Alp”
5. Capra
“Low Day”
6. The Bluetones
7. Animal Collective
“What Would I Want? Sky”
“Psychic City”
9. Jonsi
“Boy Lilkoi”
10. Modest Mouse
“Satellite Skin”
11. Givers
“Up, Up, Up”
12. Spoon
“The Mystery Zone”
13. Pomegranates
14. The Winter Sounds
“Ragtime Manifesto”
15. Title Tracks
“Steady Love”
16. King Khan & The Shrines
“Land Of The Freak”

DISCLAIMER: Any music that is played in the Half Hour Music Hour is for sampling purposes only. If you like anything you see here, please support the artist and buy it. If you’re an artist, a label, or represent an artist who has a problem with us using a song, please contact me and let me know. Our goal is to have people hear your music (and then want to buy it), not let them steal it.

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